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The legendary Bitcoin pizza transaction marks an important moment in the history of libre digital money. A small step, signalizing the birth of a whole era. It’s been 12 years since Bitcoin stepped into the world of payment networks for physical goods and opened the gates for the creation of a global parallel economy. Since then, we have experienced rather exponential growth in this new financial world. From a small community of cypherpunks and hackers, Bitcoin grew into a phenomenon with today’s mainstream recognition. Flourishing adoption upholds further levels, as the public interest always comes in waves. Yet with each wave passing by, the inspirational spirit of the original innovators fades a little bit more. Mass adoption poses continued challenges from governments, the public, and often the community itself. New questions about the purpose, scalability and sustainability arise every day. These are not going to solve themselves, nor disappear.

Decentralized systems thrive in the era of chaos, but their antifragility is rooted in layer zero, the community. It’s on us, the current generation of Bitcoiners, to help with fighting the new crypto wars. The impact on corporations and governments was inevitable at this scale. Uncertainty fueling the adoption also tends to light greedy polarization within communities. The tribalistic race to build walls instead of bridges accelerates as technological meritocracy becomes the standard.

Are the cypherpunks of the world ready to cope with it? Pizza Day Conference aims to bridge the atmosphere of Bitcoin’s early days to the present by creating an open space for discussion and inspiration without political or economical dogmas.

Come to learn about using Bitcoin in your business or personal finances, the background of the cypherpunk and the current cryptoanarchy subculture, as well as to discuss sustainability, long-term effectiveness, and their limitations.



Come celebrate with us and become a part of this unique experience!


Amir Taaki

Bitcoin OG, anarchist, hacktivist

As part of the forming Bitcoin community, Amir became an early Bitcoin developer, author of the BIP process, and the Libbitcoin implementation. With contributions to many free and open-source projects, he collaborated with Cody Wilson on launching Darkwallet and laid the foundations for OpenBazaar. Later, he spent nearly 2 years in the Rojava revolution, first for nearly 4 months fighting in the YPG and then working for the administration on economic projects. Today, Amir is focused on the DarkFi project, a network bringing anonymity to decentralized finance, and is still working towards building an agonistic revolutionary hacker movement.



Early Bitcoiner

As a contributor to the archaic Bitcoin Foundation, he has been around the ecosystem for quite some time. He is a privacy, transparency & decentralization CryptoRealist with a background in various projects. He is a founder of NFTdroppr, a co-founder of Parallele Polis in Vienna, a contributor at Sovryn, and a strategist at Mattereum.

Ruben Somsen

Bitcoin Sorcerer

Ruben is working on a protocol design for enhancing Bitcoin. He is the author of protocol proposals like Softchains, Statechains, Spacechains, Succinct Atomic Swaps, and Trustless P2P Lending. As a long-term member of the Bitcoin community, he started Seoul Bitcoin Meetups, helps to maintain the bitcoin-dev mailing list, and co-hosts the Unhashed Podcast.

Sergej Kotliar

CEO and founder of Bitrefill

A well-known Bitcoin company that has become one of the most popular places for people to spend their Bitcoin. Bitrefill allows everybody to purchase almost anything with Bitcoin and Lightning using digital coupons, enabling people to deeply integrate into the parallel economy. Sergej is an M.Sc. in Engineering, has been programming since his teenage years, and actively leads product development at Bitrefill.


Joerg Platzer

Co-founder of Room77

Trusted bartender at Bitcoin’s watering hole ROOM77. Made more PR for Bitcoin in the early days than anyone else. Consulting financial regulators, law enforcement, and tax authorities. Co-founder of Conreality. UASF.


Building tools for Security, Privacy, and Freedom

Openoms gained recognition in the Bitcoin community thanks to his rich contributions to free and open-source projects and education about them. As contributor of the Raspiblitz (FOSS Bitcoin and LN node project) and a recent member of the Galoy team (Bitcoin Beach Wallet), he will teach you about best practices and current tools available to start a bitcoin based community.




Cryptoanarchist and Bitcoin maximalist

Ketominer is the cypherpunk and prolific bitcoin builder who created the Nodl, the popular plug-and-play personal bitcoin assistant. 

Aaron van Wirdum

Bitcoin journalist

Aaron is a recognized journalist and a technical editor for Bitcoin Magazine. He started writing articles debunking Bitcoin myths on his blog in 2013. After years of covering Bitcoin’s privacy, scalability and technical principals, Aaron became acclaimed in Bitcoin community. He studied Politics and Society in Historical Perspective at Utrecht University, and specialized himself in the influence of freedom of speech and communication technologies on social structures.

Daniela Brozzoni

Bitcoin dev

Daniela is a Bitcoin developer working mainly on wallets – she is now dedicated full time to BDK, a library for seamlessly building highly-customizable Bitcoin wallets, while in the past she spent time working on Blockstream Green, BraiinsOS, Stratum V2, revaultd and revault-gui.

Pavol Luptak

Cryptoanarchist, CEO of Nethemba & Co-Founder of Paralelní CZ & SK

Cryptoanarchist & voluntaryists focused on technology and society hacking. IT security guy, founder of IT security hacking companies (Nethemba, Hacktrophy) & contemporary art (Satori). Co-founder of Bratislava’s and Prague’s hackerspaces (Progressbar & PP). Member of Czech contemporary anti-government artistic group Ztohoven. Responsible for many anti-government & digital privacy projects.

Alekos Filini

Bitcoin Developer

Alekos is the creator of the Bitcoin Dev Kit project and the maintainer of a few open-source libraries designed to help developers build safer and better Bitcoin wallets. His work is supported by the non-profit organization Brink. He previously worked at Blockstream and BHB Network.

Mario Havel

Pleb Chaos Monkey

Mário is a hacker and researcher focused on making the crypto ecosystem more efficient and anonymous. As a member of Paralelní Polis and co-founder of Bordel Hackerspace, Mário educates about tools of cryptoanarchy in local communities with a focus on onboarding via Lightning and p2p exchange. He is a vast enjoyer of FOSS, parallel economy, and trolling bitcoiners.

Vlad Costea

Bitcoin Podcaster

Vlad is the creator of the Bitcoin Takeover project. Since January 2019, he published more than 120 episodes of the Bitcoin Takeover podcast, wrote lots of articles, and used the best of them to publish two annual editions of the free and open source BTCTKVR magazine.

Martin Habovstiak


Martin is a voluntaryist, a security enthusiast, the inventor of Turbo channels, and a programmer interested in Rust, Linux, Open Source, Bitcoin, liberty, agorism, and much more.

Grafton Clark

Technical Specialist

Grafton is a technical specialist at SatoshiLabs, utilizing years of blockchain experience and knowledge-gathering to provide customers with expert insight into the world of cryptocurrency. He develops technical guides and manuals for Bitcoin adopters, whilst ensuring that he stays ahead of the game in this ever-changing market. Whilst the sector maybe dynamic, Grafton believes that Bitcoin will always remain an opportunity to protect individuality and freedom.


LNE – Lightning Network Enthusiast

Lightrider is a Web Developer who is in love with the Lightning network. He is an expert when it comes to routing nodes, integrating Lightning into your project or building services around Lightning. His special talent is to troll other “crypto” YouTubers. He works around several hard- and software projects as well as events to bring Lightning to the masses.

Michael Schloh von Bennewitz

Founder of the Monero Hardware Team

Michael is a computer scientist specializing in cryptosecure hardware, embedded development, and networks. He is the founder of the Monero Hardware team and responsible for research, development, and maintenance of Opensource software repositories.

Venues - Paralelní Polis & La Fabrika

Unique industrial multi-purpose professional event space in the heart of Holešovice district in Prague ideal for presenting various projects and hosting community events.


Paralelní Polis is a one-­of-­a-­kind nonprofit organisation that brings together art, social sciences, and modern technologies. The ideas of liberty, independence, and innovative thinking and development of society are the main underlying foundations the whole project is built upon.

The project intends to remain state free as it operates entirely without support from the government, and most of the funds come from voluntary contributions of our donors and partly from commercial activities such as running a unique co­working space and the world’s first bitcoin-­only cafe.

It was founded by members of a contemporary-­art group Ztohoven, and Slovak and Czech hacker­spaces. Its main goal is to promote economic, social and digital freedom. We try to be a vocal voice of freedom in order to shape the public discourse, and ultimately work towards a freer future.


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